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About Us

Young Fresh Now

Blue View Studios is a production studio that specializes in visual storytelling. Josh Taube and Mark Fritts are the minds behind the company. Blue View Studios was formed to help with the increased demand for commercial productions, music videos, and other video services. The company strives to provide a unique experience for both individual and collective groups. Film is our livelihood. We aim to make your experience unforgettable and meaningful to those around you both professionally and personally.

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Ready to promote your business to the rest of the world? Blue View Studios has the skills necessary to make your business stand out among the competition.


We’re filmmaker by trade! Got an idea you want to bring to the big screen? Contact us today or click the camera icon above to see some of our recent projects!


Birthdays, Communions, Anniversaries, you name it! Blue View Studios will capture them all! Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll deliver!


Empowerment, beauty and bravery are three elements we aim to provide to those who want more than the average photoshoot. Schedule your next session today!


OUR Team

Josh Taube

Director & Editor

Josh is the creative director. He will bring your vision to life and will create your content.

Mark Fritts


Mark is the organizer. He will provide the resources needed for your project’s success.

Milan Panich

Camera Operator

Milan is the man behind the lens providing Blue View’s stunning imagery.

Al Camargo

Sound Mixer

Al is the sound mixer responsible for crisp sound effects and clear dialogue.

Our Clients

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